Child’s Destiny of Hope

Child's Destiny of Hope is a relief and development organization with a Christian background. Child's Destiny of Hope has an orphanage in Chawolo, Uganda where it tries to give children a better future. On this website you will find more information.


Meet the seven orphaned and/or underprivileged children currently living in our shelter. These children are supported, raised, cared for, provided with a bed and with meals and guided by Child’s Destiny of Hope and they go to a good school. Each child has one or two sponsors. Sponsors can choose to contribute to the costs for housing, school or both. Do you want to help to give these children a better chance? Then look at the page ’Sponsor a child’ for the opportunities to sponsor children on our waiting list and to offer them a hopeful future!

Brenda was born sometime in 1996, the exact date is unknown. Since September 2008 she has lived with Child’s Destiny of Hope. Before she came to the orphanage, she spoke no English and barely had any clothes. Brenda loves to go to school, netball (volleyball) and cooking. She often helps with cooking various sorts of meals. Brenda is a very social and cheerful girl who is very happy to help others. From March 2012 Brenda is fully sponsored!
Emma Emmanuel
Emma(nuel) is 17 years old. He ended up with Child’s Destiny of Hope, because his mother can not properly care for him due to a disease and because nobody knows whether or not his father is still alive. Emma has missed a great deal of school and has just recently finished primary school. Unfortunately, this happens often with children in Uganda. Emma loves soccer and to assist with cooking and likes to get to know new friends. Emma is fully sponsored.
Since February 2008 Jonathan lives with Child’s Destiny of Hope. His parents are both seriously ill, no longer live together and can not take proper care of him. But Jonathan still visits his parents several times a year. Jonathan loves to play with toys and to draw. He is very happy that there are people at Child’s Destiny of Hope who want to help him and, in turn, likes to help others. Jonathan is fully sponsored.
Miria Miria
Miria is a 19 years old girl. She has just started in the 2th class of the CDHope secondary school. She lost both her parents and comes from a family of 5 children. Since she was the oldest child, she had to take care of the family a lot. Since September 2008 she lives at Child’s Destiny of Hope. Miria loves being creative and she is happy to go to school. Miria is fully sponsored.
Suzan Suzan
Suzan is fifteen years old. She is the youngest from a family of six children. At a young age Suzan caught malaria, which caused her brains to become affected to such an extent that she now suffers from delayed development. Because of this, the people in the village where she lived did not treat her very well. Since she is at Child’s Destiny of Hope, Suzan goes to school and has even already learned some English. Suzan is a very happy girl who is extremely popular with the other children. She loves to play with dolls and real babies, music and singing. Suzan is fully sponsored and joins the CDHope nursery school.
A lady from The Hague has been so kind to sponsor Brian for both lodging and school. This means that from March 10, 2012 Brian lives in the orphanage! The other children are very kind to him and help him. He didn’t speak English when he arrived, but now he does.
Oscar is Brian’s brother and the lady from The Hague mentioned before has also made it possible for Oscar to live in the orphanage as of March 10, 2012 and can go to school! Oscar didn’t yet speak English but now he is one of the best students of his class.


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