Child’s Destiny of Hope

Child's Destiny of Hope is a relief and development organization with a Christian background. Child's Destiny of Hope has an orphanage in Chawolo, Uganda where it tries to give children a better future. On this website you will find more information.


On this page you will find an overall picture of the children in Chawolo whom we would love to offer a better future. Children who can not attend school for whatever reason, but for whom it would be really good if they did. You can help to give the children on this waiting list a better future, for example by sponsoring them. Read more about the opportunities for that on the page SPONSOR A CHILD.

At the start of the Ugandan school year, in February 2015, CDHope started offering the first four grades of secondary school and the first three grades of primary school. We are looking for sponsors that are willing to support a child for €30 a month so that they can further their education. We need many sponsors! Partial sponsoring is also an option, starting at €3 per month, whereby the contributions are combined with those of others via a sponsorship fund to enable a child to go to school. May we get in touch with you about the sponsorship of a student? Let us know via and let us know if you would prefer to sponsor a girl or a boy.


Okoth Samuel
Samuel is waiting for a sponsor. He had a difficult time in primary school in classes with 100+ pupils. Samuel likes playing football and he is doing well in Arts and Economics. He flourishes in a small class where he is able to concentrate at his study.

Richard Owere
Richard is 5 years old. His parents are farmers. At home Richard helps doing the dishes.

Some little boys and girls would like to find a sponsor for the nursery school or primary school. We are still looking for several sponsors for € 20,- a month. Please send us an e-mail via if you would like to be the sponsor of one of these vulnerable children.

Asanasio Ofwono
More info about this child will be added as soon as possible.

Oketcho Moses
Oketcho is a quiet boy of 7 years old. His parents are very poor and do not have the means to provide in education.


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