Child’s Destiny of Hope

Child's Destiny of Hope is a relief and development organization with a Christian background. Child's Destiny of Hope has an orphanage in Chawolo, Uganda where it tries to give children a better future. On this website you will find more information.

Sponsor a child

Sponsor a child and bring hope, a smile and a future

The Ugandan school system does not make a lot of use of nursery schools and the quality of government (primary) schools leaves much to be desired. Unfortunately, the situation in Chawolo is no exception. That is why the children in our shelter go to a small, good primary school. But we also want to support other underprivileged children in our village, for example by also letting them go to a good school or by taking them in our shelter. That is why a nursery school was started in 2012 and a secondary school in 2013 and this sponsorship program was established to support this.

What does it mean and include?

By sponsoring a child, you are involved in his or her life. Through your contribution a child in our shelter is able to go to school and gets care, food, shelter and a safe haven. Children in Chawolo who are in danger of falling between two stools are able to go to a school through your sponsorship. Through your sponsoring, these children get a chance for a better future. But it means much more. Because it can not be expressed in monetary terms what it is worth that someone like you, on the other side of the world, cares for these children and has contact with them.

What are the costs?

At the moment, it costs 20 euro’s ($ 30,-) a month to send a child to nursery school or elementary school. Secondary school costs 30 euro’s ($ 45,-) a month. It costs 25 euro’s ($ 35,-) a month to be able to offer a child in our shelter care, food, shelter and extracurricular activities. You can combine these two, so that you fully support a child, but of course you can also choose one of these options: school or care. Any contribution is welcome!

Our foundation received an ANBI number in 2008. This means that all your sponsoring of and donations to Child’s Destiny of Hope are deductible for Dutch income tax. For more information about this, look on the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities.


On the Waitinglist page you can see which children still need partial or full sponsorship at this moment. Should you decide to sponsor a child, you can indicate your preference for a boy or a girl. Furthermore, in our project the order of entry determines which child you can sponsor, so that each child has a fair chance to get sponsor parents.

Sponsor binder

Should you decide to sponsor a child, you will receive a binder with background information and a photo of the child from us. Furthermore, there you will find more details about, for instance, sending of letters and packages and other things you should (or rather should not) do.

More information

Are you interested in sponsoring a child? Send an e-mail to:

Download our flyer about the sponsorship program!


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