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Child's Destiny of Hope is a relief and development organization with a Christian background. Child's Destiny of Hope has an orphanage in Chawolo, Uganda where it tries to give children a better future. On this website you will find more information.


Uganda is located in the center of Africa, at the bottom of the Sahara. The country borders Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan. Until it’s independence in 1962, Uganda was part of the British Empire.

Independence was followed by a period of political and social unrest. Under these conditions, Idi Amin succeeded in taking power. During Amin’s regime 300.000 Ugandans died. Amin was removed from office in 1979. Political unrest followed again. But in 1986, Museveni came to power, and with that the country became more stable as well. Uganda began to develop economically and politically under his rule. Museveni is still in power and the developments persist. However, Uganda still faces many challenges.


A major challenge is the universal poverty. Although Uganda is rich in raw materials and has a healthy development, a large proportion of the population still lives in poverty. As a result, Uganda as a country is on the list of nations with heavy debts (Heavily Indebted Poor Countries – HIPC). The average per capita income is $ 330 a year. 9,5 Million people have an income of less than $ 1 a day (figures: 2003).

From 1992 to 2015 the proportion of the population that lives below the poverty line declined from 56% to 37,7%, but the steep population growth (7 live births per woman) negated this development; presently poverty is increasing again.

Education and illiteracy

Primary education is free in Uganda and, while 90% of all children start primary school, only 66% actually finish it. Sixty eight percent of children and adults over the age of 12 have simple reading abilities.


Just like in many neighboring countries, HIV / AIDS and malaria are the two biggest problems in Ugandan healthcare. However, the attempts by the Ugandan government to force back the HIV / AIDS epidemic are quite successful and have gained international admiration. However, HIV / AIDS remain a major problem, both in the big cities and in the districts torn by civil war where the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is active.

War and social unrest

Politically, Uganda is reasonably stable. More and more foreign industries dare to invest in Uganda. However, there is still turmoil in Uganda, both within as well as outside its borders. The LRA rebels continuously provoke the government in the northern districts with a bloody guerrilla war. These forces make extensive use of child soldiers. Poverty is most severe where the LRA is active. There the health situation is the most worrying as well. Out of necessity, around 1.4 million people have left everything behind and have gone on their way as refugees.

The relationship between Uganda and its main neighbors, Rwanda, Congo and Sudan, is turbulent as well. Uganda has fought several times with Congo, which it accuses of being a free port for the rebels of the LRA.

Child’s Destiny of Hope’s goal is to help these children on their way to a hopeful future and to provide them with the means to rise above the hopelessness.


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