Water source

In April 2013, various fundraising activities were started to save money for a good water source in Chawolo. The reason for the need of this water source was that the existing well was regularly broken and contained contaminated water. This put the health of the community at risk. The effects of unclean water consumption could be seen in children who had balding round spots on their head and large swollen bellies.
Tim and Wilma felt it was therefore of great importance to have a new source of water. A source that could provide clean and sufficient water for the entire village.

After a year of saving and campaigning, the money was finally saved together.
Many fundraising activities were held at:

– Dutch King’s Days event in Kamerik
– Running events
– Diners for Hope- Dives for Hope
– Collections for churches
– Stands in various places

In the end, the Wilde Ganzen Foundation further supplemented the amount so that the green light could be given for the construction of a new water source at the beginning of 2014.
In 2014, research and drilling started into the right place for the water source. The well was dug at that time, but due to various developments it could not be completed. Construction continued and finished in 2015.
By means of solar panels, the water can now be pumped upwards and Chawolo is provided with clean drinking water.