In September and October 2011, a team of enthusiastic volunteers, consisting of Joop and Alie Blaauw, Berend van ‘t Hul and Joop and Heintje Westerink, travelled to Uganda.
They came to help renovate a small uninhabited house behind Tim and Wilma’s property.
It was refurbished into a guest house. The guesthouse is now completely furbished with good facilities. It has a living room with a dining table, chairs, a sofa and a kitchen with clean filtered water and a gas stove. The sleeping accommodation consists of two bedrooms with a total of 10 beds. There is a toilet and shower. And most importantly: the guesthouse has a beautiful view of the peaceful surroundings.

Since 2012, CD Hope has been able to receive visitors and small teams of up to 10 people.

If you have plans to visit us or help us, it is best to let us know in advance so we can see about the possibilities and schedule your visit. Do you want to come visit? Let us know by sending an email to