Generation of Hope Schools

In Uganda, many steps have been taken to improve education.
However,  in a lot of villages, including Chawolo, education is characterized by big classes with sometimes more than 100 children, no food during the school day, low quality of education, and many school dropout. Because of this, there is poor foundation for a powerful future.

With Generation of Hope schools, Child’s Destiny of Hope wants to offer children a promising future. We do this by providing education in smaller groups with more personal attention. Our goal is that underprivileged (village)children receive a good Christian foundation. The schools are held in high esteem because of the high quality of education. We strive for a continuous learning curve in the development of the 4-18-year-old child. In practice, we also come across children outside of this age group, whom we help as well.

That is why we started a kindergarten class in 2012, and we now also have an elementary school and a high school. At this moment, about 250 children are attending our school.


First of all, Child’s Destiny of Hope stimulates families to take care of their children. Where possible, practical help is offered in emergencies. In situations where that doesn’t provide a solution, some children who can’t live at home, are offered a safe home or temporary shelter in the CD Hope Home.

Program for children

Every Saturday, Child’s Destiny of Hope offers all the village children a program where they undertake the following activities: listening to a bible story, singing songs, doing arts and crafts, playing sports and games, drinking lemonade, and having a snack.

(Youth) Church

In the years that CDHope has been active in Chawolo, Tim and Wilma noticed the need for a church that has both services in English and takes the youth into account (shorter services, ‘modern’ music/songs, more room for interaction in the service/sermon). In 2018 we started the ‘Generation of Hope Church’ in the village Chawolo. There is a good co-operation with other local churches.

Help for vulnerable people

Child’s Destiny of Hope stands in the middle of the local village community. When possible, we contribute to the development of the village and provide practical needs. For instance, we provided the village with a healthy source of water. Vulnerable elders, for instance, HIV-infected adults, are being cared for with healthy food in order for the medicines to properly do their work. Tim and Wilma are available to offer help, even in acute cases.