Child’s Destiny of Hope is an ANBI foundation.
ANBI means: Public Benefit Institution and therefore has a governmental recognition.
The ANBI status serves as a guarantee for good governance. This allows a donor to make use of the tax return benefits of the Dutch gift law. Donors of an ANBI may deduct their donations from income or corporation tax. You can also qualify for extra deduction of periodic donations if you, as a donor, pledge the gift for at least five years and record it in an agreement with the ANBI.
We have an example available to share with you if you consider to donate.

The ANBI status also gives the Child’s Destiny of Hope Foundation obligations to be transparent and to publish its vision and annual report on the website. Below you will find the ANBI data of CDHope.

Stichting Child’s Destiny of Hope (CDHope) is registered

  • At the Tax Authorities under RSIN: 817190326
  • At the Chamber of Commerce under number: 27293051
  • With postal address: de Kapberg 11, 3471 DC Kamerik

The board consists of:

  • Aad Dekker
  • Bert van Koerten
  • Henk van der Vliet
  • Nellie van der Vliet
  • Paul Tameling

The board members do not receive any salary or compensation.